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  • Prophetic Outreach International Ministries exists to bring the clear words of The Lord Jesus Christ, to: the body of Christ, leaders in the body of Christ and their churches, governing officials, marriages businesses and the lost, who are seeking to know what the Lord Jesus desires to speak to them. There has been a clear  track record of accuracy in the God ordained ministry of Rev. Jason Kruse. He has almost 20 yrs of ministry experience. There is also an unwavering commitment to having absolute integrity within this ministry. Many have come to hear very specific and strategic answers from the Lord about their lives. Rev. Kruse knows what it is like to need to hear from God urgently. He has an apostolic/prophetic/teaching & business mantle from God. 
  • Apostles, Prophets and Teachers are called to equip the saints for the work of ministry, according to Ephesians chapter 4:11-12. So we have Prophetic Gatherings, at times, which brings this into the lives of believers. A great number of people have been: touched, healed, delivered, strengthened, edified & empowered by the Holy Spirit, through this ministry. All the glory belongs to Jesus forever! Prophetic ministry is dynamic and it brings: encouragement, exhortation and comfort into people's lives. There is also much needed: grace, peace, a sense of God's love for the individual, authority and power to break bondage and healing which will often take place when the word of the Lord is released. A person's destiny can be revealed and activated when prophecy is given. Prophecy, in and of itself, is: interpreting the Divine will and purpose of God for people or about situations. It is also foretelling or perceiving the future. The apostle Paul exhorted, we as believers, to seek to prophesy above all of the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic words are life changing. Rev. Kruse has certainly seen personal prophecy change his own life dramatically for the better on many occasions. 
  • This Virtual Outreach & Traveling Ministry seeks to develop Godly relationships, through partnership, with those of a kindred spirit. There is little chance of misinterpretation or misunderstanding taking place as relationships are begun and maintained. There is also commitment and accountability toward one another as well. Ministry is about service, and Rev. Kruse seeks to serve you with excellence. He believes, with Paul, that if prophetic ministry or any ministry, is released without God's love, even if it is accurate, it will not be effective. All ministry must be filled with God's love and seasoned with His grace in order to be effective and life transforming as God desires it to be. Rev. Kruse is here to offer his apostolic/prophetic/teaching ministry, with a shepherd's heart and a passion for lost souls. The hope and goal of this ministry is not to come and go, but to be a Lighthouse to the Nations! With God all thing are possible. Hope to hear from you soon!

God Bless You,
Rev. Jason Kruse, an apostolic/prophetic/teaching minister of the Lord Jesus Christ
Prophetic Ministry, Power Ministry and Teaching Ministry to the Nations
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